Monday, April 27, 2009

Pecan Maple Turtle? Yes, Please!

The PSU Farmer's Market is my favorite market in town. It's also the only one i can go to because of my work hours. Ok, that's not true, i believe the Hollywood one in the Grocery Outlet parking alot is on the weekend as well...Anyways, it's my favorite because of the vendors and because the people watching is the best. I used to work at the Hot Lips Pizza booth a couple years ago and trading with other vendors made it worth the early hours and having to work on Saturday. It just feels awesome to get produce and goods directly from the farmers/producers. 

Black Sheep Bakery is a local bakery that sells all vegan baked goods, but their cafe also sells meat sandwiches and other nonvegan items. The owner isn't vegan and says she created the bakery back in 2000 because she knew there was a niche that needed to be filled. A lot of the vegan community don't support this bakery for a couple reasons. One being that she's not vegan and some think it's not appropriate to support her. We vegans used to not have much to choose from, but now with the opening of Sweetpea Baking Company, Dovetail (they make delicious pecan sticky buns! buy them only fresh, because they suck when they're not), and Monkey Wrench, there's a lot selection and you have the ability to choose who you want to give your money to. 

I, however, give money to whoever makes tasty non-animal things. Unless they're killing babies or puppies (and a few other cute things) i will buy. People talked shit about giving money to Nutshell because their owners also owned a restaurant that sold foie gras. After a brief stint of adding dairy and eggs to the menu, the place closed. Businesses will supply whatever's in demand, so if you buy vegan items they will continue offering them and coming up with more options. 

But whatever you believe is right, do. I'm done with my babbling...

Back to what i started yakking about...Pecan Maple Turtle. mmm....i was walking the market and i peeked in the Black Sheep Bakery case and there was some chocolates i hadn't seen before. I saw the PMT and it called my name. I love caramel and chocolate and pecans. And this palm-sized chocolate was a good deal at $1.75. And so good! The caramel did that stringy thing that's annoying but awesome at the same time and each layer was delicious. 

Yum! I want one now!