Monday, November 30, 2009

DC Vegetarian makes good sandwiches


No, shit, this thing is delicious. This "thing" is the Vegan Steak & Cheese from the downtown Portland food cart, DC Vegetarian. There is only one thing I would change (yes, I know, I'm never satisfied, but I'm not saying it wasn't good, just hear me out!): the seitan pieces. I would like them to either be smaller cubes or, preferably, chopped up. Those chunks are sometimes as wide as a quarter and just makes it a bit awkward to eat. 

The sandwich consists of a toasted wheat sub hoagie, grilled onions and peppers, Follow Your Heart white cheese, and some kind of mysterious sauce. It rocks my mouth. Also, it's only $5. I would say it's not as good as the one I had in Philly, but at almost $3 less, I would choose it over the Philly one with no hesitation. 

This food cart's been around for a few months and since it's on the West side I don't get there very often. This was my second trip there. The staff is always friendly and since they've opened they've gotten more vegan options. They also carry Dr. Pepper, which always gets bonus points from me. The day I got the above sandwich they were doing a food bank drive and were giving 50% sandwiches if you brought some kinda of nonparishable in, so I got this sandwich for only $2.50. A freakin' deal! I did drive there and spent 50 cents on parking, so really $3, but still, good deal. 

You can find all their options here. I've had nothing else besides this sandwich so I can't suggest anything else, but let me know if you have one for me! Though, really, I doubt I'll want to get anything else since I get there very often. It takes about 10 minutes to get your food after you order it, so I would advise calling ahead if the weather sucks, you're in a hurry, or you just already know what you want and want to make it snappy. Their contact info is on their website.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fashion, i do so love thee...

...even though i can't say that i'm very good at putting together something to wear. Or buying the clothes. I feel like I always end up with something a lot more boring than I intended. One of my favorite blogs is GoFugYourself. They discuss the clothes that celebrities wear, good and bad, with a humor and wittiness that I envy (I mean, I know I'm funny and all but I can't convey that very well in my writing). My favorite is when they do something they call Dialogues. They talk as if they were the people in the picture. Cracks me up, yo. I enjoy a celebrity blog that doesn't cut down the person themselves, just what they decide to wear.

Another thing I love to do is go on Flickr and type in "wardrobe_remix" in the search. There's a bunch of fashiony people (and lots of nonfashiony people that put up multiple pictures of the same damn outfit! Two is the max, people!!) that take pictures of their daily wears and put them online for all to see. Usually they will say where they got everything they're wearing, which is awesome if you see a pair of great shoes or jeans. It's mostly females, but there's a few males in there. Usually they're the ones that like wearing skirts, not like transvestites, but they're just guys wearing a skirt. 

I also like fashion from books. The blog What Claudia Wore is a favorite of mine as well, though the author doesn't update like she used to. This funny blogger reads Babysitters Club books and takes direct quotes from the book of what the characters are wearing. It used to be just what Claudia, the style-y and fashionable one, of course, was wearing, but since the others wear humorous 90s-licious stuff she started including everyone. Man, those outfits were awful sounding...

I don't buy a lot of stuff online, since I like to try stuff on before committing to it. But there are a lot of good sites out there. Some of my favorites:

Lulu's (awesome vegan shoes to be had, my friends!)

I have been watching The L Word the last few years and the character Alice wears a lot of stuff I would *love* to have for my very own. I couldn't find any good images online of my favorite stuff she wore, but this dress ain't bad. The first couple seasons she didn't wear a lot of dresses, now that's all you'll see her in. There definitely a couple times when I've been, like, no, no, please take that off, it's AWFUL. But I don't think there will ever be a person who I'll agree with their choices 100%. Plus, that's a know? I don't know who I'd pick if I had to choose whose celebrity closet I'd raid. I like a lot of Anne Hathaway's more recent dresses. Ok, maybe I lied. I just looked at some of her stuff and disapproved. I normally dislike Chloe Sevigny's taste in clothes, but her dress for the Emmy's was awesome and I want. Drew Barrymore has been wearing a lot of crazy shit, but I actually liked this dress, though I would prefer it in a color that's not screaming at me and her hair is bad. Also that it doesn't look like there's teeth where your vaheena is.

I frikkin' love tulle! The laciness is dreamy. I couldn't find a lot of images that really captured my love for it, but oh well....I spent way too long on google images just for those two examples...

I hate shoulder pads and they've come back. In 6th grade I didn't know any better and I thought whatever The Limited Too sold was the Shit. I heard them called Power Shoulders or something, but that doesn't make them look any better. No, no, nono!

Do you have favorite fashion blogs? 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Empire State of Mind and other songs

Another post that has nothing to do with veganism. I do have posts in the works for food related stuff, like Nature's Path granolas and the Higher Taste goodies and eventually I'll talk about Dominex products but I haven't gone to New Seasons in a really long time so I haven't been able to pick up their stuff....

Oh, first! Good news, y'all!! Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints are back for the holidays!!! I was at Target and had gone to pick up a favorite chocolate bar (Chocolove's Almond and Cherry Dark Chocolate) and then realized I had heard that the vegan holiday Junior Mints were back, so I went to the Christmas section of candy and lo and behold, there they were! I was so psyched, I got two 99 cent boxes of them. Yum!!

Ok, so back to music. I was picking up my friend Amanda and noticed she had Jay-Z's newest cd. Her domestic partner had checked it out of the library, lucky for me, so I grabbed so I could download it while at the coffee shop. I've become a big fan of the song, Empire State of Mind. Give it a listen:

Every time Alicia Keys sings "in Neeeeew Yorkkkk" it makes me happy. Love it.

Then there's the new Lady Gaga song, Bad Romance. I saw it for the first time when I came across a post on that broke it down into 20 stills. It amused me and Lady Gaga continues to amuse me with her ridiculous outfits and songs that don't seem catchy at first ("Paparazzi" is a prime example of this. The first time I heard this I was, like, people like this, really?! But now when I catch it on the radio I don't change the station, I sing along.). I also started liking her more after seeing her performance on Saturday Night Live. I think it was the second performance and she started out by singing a song while in some crazy mechanical circles that moved around her body and then she sat down at the piano and sang. I wasn't crazy about the song she sang at the piano but I thought she did well and it seemed so out of character for her. 

After watching the video a second time when I was looking at Mercury's Blogtown, I've become a bit attached. It's just so entertaining: The shoes she wears! Her multiple outfits! The crazy makeup/head get ups! 

Check it:

What are you listening to/enjoying?