Monday, May 23, 2011


Well. My goals for the past 30 days were to post more and go on a date. Both of which I have failed, y'all!! I did sorta ask someone out, but it wasn't clear that I was asking them out and they said they couldn't go that night and didn't mention going out some other time, so I'm going to take that they're not interested in me like that. Which is fine. I did initiate contact with someone on an online dating site that I normally wouldn't have because the guy didn't see like someone I would normally go for. We wrote back and forth a couple times but then contact stopped when he never responded to my last message. Good times, y'all! I don't even have any good crushes right now. Well, not any that are in my town. Life is kinda sad when you don't have the fun of running into a crush...

I recently got a new job at Blossoming Lotus! For those who don't know, Blossoming Lotus is an all vegan restaurant here in Portland. They're on the pricier side since they use a lot of organic and whole foods. We sell raw cheesecakes from Freshly Wild that are amazing! At $8 a slice, it's not cheap, but so freakin' good! I've tried only messed up slices and so far have had Pomegranate, Key Lime and Chocolate Orange. The Key Lime was superb!

Blossoming Lotus makes their own vegan soft serve (which I heard they'll stop making when their machine dies, so get it while you can!) and it's so good! It's soy based and it's by no means is it good for you (sugar!).

I'm looking forward to a trip to Seattle and Vancouver, BC in a couple weeks. Let me know if you have any specific recommendations of where to go/eat!