Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New shoes!

Finally used up my Delia's credit! These Rocketdog sandals were on sale and I thought they were mighty cute. Turns out they're even cuter in person! Currently, they're a bit on the uncomfortable side (which is why leather is nice in that aspect...though I suppose you have to wear leather in as well...), but I do hope they get better with time.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy August to you and yours!

It's August now. The weather here hasn't been the hottest, but you know what? I am not complaining! I hate hot hot weather. It's just amusing to me that I'm still wearing pants and hoodies in the morning and evenings here.

My mom left today after being here for a couple weeks. We had a good time. But now back to my regular day to day life. We did go berry picking on Monday with my sister and her pitbull, May. May was quite useful and helped pull the wagon.
Isn't she sweet?

She really is. I love her so hard. If only she wouldn't whack her tail on me when she's happy...which is often.

She also picked her own berries...

That there's my mom giving me her strainer of berries to put in our tupperware. Sadly we ended up with mostly raspberries, not Kim and I's favorite. The blueberries were pretty picked over. I love making the blueberry scone-like things from a cookbook that I have (the name of which I'm totally spacing on!).