Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vancouver BC

Our time in Vancouver was all right. We mostly drove around a lot, either lost or unable to find any free parking. (It didn't help that we didn't get some Canadian monies right away...We just kept putting it off for some reason.) Seriously, Vancouver's a pain in the ass when it comes to park. PAIN IN THE ASS! Most of it is permit-only parking for people that live in there, which, ok, I get, but hey, have some love for the tourists! I've just never seen so much permit only parking. A lot of which wasn't in use...

We stayed with a friend of mine, who was out of town. He lives a few miles from downtown, where all the action is. We even got towed our first day there! It was great! Ugh. Yeah, that alone might have tainted our time there.

BUT we did eat some good food, saw pretty things, and saw the 5th (or was it 6th?) Stanley Cup Finals. It would've been awesome to be there if the Canucks had won that game (thereby winning the Cup), but alas, they sucked that game. (And you know what happened the final game.) There were reminders everywhere that the Canucks were playing the finals. On buses (see below), on signs hanging in businesses, on people's clothes...


Capilano Reserve- where we went for a hike

Naam for breakfast- those sausages had the realest fake skin on them!

The waterfront. That stadium, I believe, was part of the Olympics they hosted.

View from Jericho Beach that we happened across. I liked the lined up logs.

Me and the view