Sunday, January 10, 2010

The annual New Years Meal

I have posted my New Years Meal previously. I look forward to making it with my sister each January 1st. This year was no exception. We had it at me and missy's place and had some other guests as well. Instead of our normal Tofurkey beer brats, Kim made Isa's Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh. It was good, but I kinda miss the beer brats and think I'll bring 'em back next time (or at least make some of my own steamed sausages). 

When I was at Grocery Outlet that day I spied the Kuhne brand Rotkraut (translated: Red Kraut). It's sauerkraut made with red/purple cabbage and there's a sweetness to it. I ate it alot when I was in Germany. I would say it was more prominent there then the sauerkraut that most people think of when they think 'Germany'. It got a warm welcome at our meal and I was excited to introduce something to my friends that they hadn't had before. 

We bought Bubbies jar of sauerkraut and finished the whole thing! I like non-refrigerated a little better because of the softer kraut, but I'll take whatever I can get!

My sister Kim also made a batch of black eyed peas. I think she said she got the recipe from Kittee. They reminded me a lot of the ones from Bye & Bye, but better. I don't like the Bye & Bye's recipe. It's spicy and tastes weird. (Yeah, there's something I don't like at the B&B, crazy, right?)

I made Nava Atlas' Greens w/Black Eyed Peas recipe, as always, and then we had some mashed potatoes. 

I have started making this meal during the year after realizing that I shouldn't be denying myself so horribly and only eating this meal once a year. 

Do you have an "lucky" New Years meal each year? What's your favorite thing to do with sauerkraut?

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