Friday, June 10, 2011


I am currently in Seattle for a few days. There are a lot of Portland-Seattle comparisons, but the two cities are very different. I would say that I would never move here (oh, when I say never, I'm just saying if I had a choice between our two fair cities and I wasn't in a relationship with someone in Seattle...I wouldn't hate it, I'd prefer it to Asheville or Chicago or small towns...), just as someone here would say the same about Portland. Seattle is too city for my tastes. Too large, not as residential. The steep hills kill me (you would *never* find me on a bike here, you can barely find me on my bike in Portland). And the busses take your fare after you've ridden, not when you get on it...which ok, that one isn't a big deal, but for some reason I find it annoying. Also, the two bus drivers I came across were the least friendly bus drivers I've come across. It's population is definitely more diverse than Portland. You'll find a lot more older people here and it's more racially diverse. The feeling here in Seattle is less like you're on a college campus with your peers, which is what Portland usually feels like to me.

I'm here because a friend of mine has a work conference in a town nearby, so free hotel and gas. Tomorrow we leave to go on to Vancouver, BC, where my friend Corinn has never been. We'll be staying a friend's house, though he's out of town on his forever-long honeymoon (2 months, people! Turkey!).

The first day I spend taking my friend to her conference, then dropping her car off at Stingray Auto, to get her brakes fixed (p.s. right now they have a special where you get 10% off if you mention Yelp), walking back to the apartment/hotel where we're staying so that Qwest could fix the problematic wifi (which was stupidly just plugged incorrectly), going to Victrola Coffee on Pine, then getting lost when going back to Stingray to pick up the car. We had dinner at In The Bowl on E Olive Way, then hung out on Broadway and drank and ate sweet potato tots at Highline using my Groupon, and finding the bar 22 on 15th St. Good night. Here's some pictures of some of my happenings:

The Berkeley Vegan (minus tomatoes) from zPizza, I should've also gotten no zucchini, too raw for my tastes! Good pie though, better cold when the Daiya didn't stick to the roof of my mouth.

Mighty-O French Toast donut and coffee at Victrola's.

"Sweet Tots" from Highline. Corinn writing postcards in the background.

Photobooth at Highline. It takes credit cards only, which is kinda handy.

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Lauren said...

i've only been to seattle once in my life, and it was many years ago, but i remember enjoying it! i wasn't vegan then (vegetarian though, but only 13 years old so my food preferences were much different!). i'd love to travel to portland though!
the food you got from seattle sounds great! the french toast donut definitely sounds the best :)