Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blossoming Lotus Ice Cream

It must be summer, i'm doing another post about ice cream. This isn't something you can buy anywhere. This is pretty much a restaurant review, but i don't care. Blossoming Lotus is a all vegan organic restuarant here in Portland (though the original restaurant is in hawaii somewheres). It's inside a yoga studio in the Pearl district and they serve vegan soft serve. my gosh, it's a delight! They only have one flavor at a time and it's not surprising when you get there and they're out or the machine's not working. It's $1 for 2 oz which is just right in terms of size. It's unbelievably rich and creamy for vegan ice cream. The flavors they've had:

Chai- i haven't had this but i want to hella bad (yes, i used the word "hella"...)
UPDATE 8-11-07: i tried their Chai today(this is what is pictured above). there was some flavor in it i was totally not liking. kinda like anise or black licorce. my sister disagreed with that assessment and really liked it and said that it tasted like real Chai tea (as in not like Oregon Chai).

Chocolate- yum

Vanilla Bean- at events they usually serve this with chocolate chips and hazelnut pieces and it's so good!

Orangesicle- they called it something else, i normally don't like this flavor but it really grew on me when i had it the second day in a row

Raspberry- i don't like this flavor in anything i eat, but i tried my friends in it was more like a *hint* of raspberry and it wasn't so bad, tasted more like vanilla ice cream with taste of berry

Strawberry-Kiwi- or something, i don't know, it was a mix of fruit and it was weird and i didn't care for it...i don't really like when they have berry flavors b/c really i could go to any gelato place around here and have one of their vegan flavors, which is always fruit.

Banana Nut- tasted like Banana Bread and it was delicious.

Chocolate Cherry- chocolate, which is always good, with a hint of cherry.

Vanilla Almond- good, but i prefer the pure Vanilla Bean

My sister and i really wish they would do 2 things:
1. open an only soft serve place in the SE
2. get a machine that can do 2 flavors, with chocolate all the time (also so you could swirl!)

if you're in Portland, go get you some!

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michelle said...

once they had melon-rosewater or something, which didn't sound great to me but ended up tasting amaaazing. is their chocolate different than chocolate-almond? that's another one i've had.