Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dove Vivi- damn good pizza

Yeah, i've been a bad blogger but i'm not sure how many people are even looking at this(i'm not very computer savvy....i don't even know how to do that thing where you post a link but don't use the actual URL....). anyways, so today i will do a post on......hmm....i didn't plan.....
so i'm going to talk about Dove Vivi, which i don't think i've talked about before. if i have, so be it. Now my blog is supposed to be more about things you buy from your local grocer, but occasionally i can't help myself and i have to talk about some restuarant or some such thing. Dove Vivi opened up a block away from my work and thank God because Kustom Pizza was not doing anything for me. They have cute decor, cute employees, Mason jars filled with water in a mini fridge for easy serve-yourself access. Dove Vivi's "thing" is they serve their pizza on a crust made of cornmeal and it's freakin' divine! They offer it by the slice and have many different choices. there's one called "vegan" so of course i got that. the first time i got the slice as is and actually didn't end up eating it right away because i had gotten the combo that comes with a salad and by the time i finished eating the bigass thing i had to go back to work. the salad wasn't great. i didn't dig the steamed chilled broccoli or the large chunks of button mushrooms. but they do give a large serving. anyways, so i ate the slice when it was room temperature and was impressed. i normally don't like tomato pieces on my pizza, but their tomato sauce(which has pieces of tomato in it) is good. they put it towards the top of the pizza, not as the first layer. the next time i went i had them exchange eggplant for corn(my favorite pizza topping) and the nice woman (who may be co-owner or something, she's always there and always very friendly and helpful) asked if i wanted some vegan riccotta stuff and i said something to the affect of "hell yes!". it was a great addition to the vegan pie. it's the kind of pizza you eat with a fork and knife. the crust is thick and not floppy like a regular crust. it's got bits of corn in it. i tell everyone about this place. my friend corinn started teasing me about it all the time. she seems to have shut up since trying it herself. i tell patients (i work at a doctor's office) about it all the time. since there's not a lot of quick eateries around my work they don't have too much competition.
now go get you some!

oh, prices...i think it's $3.75 per slice. tell them the vegan-sub-corn-for-eggplant girl sent you!
ok, no don't....

one reviewer said this:
"They are charting new waters. Corn filled waters."


VeganFabulous said...

You already know how much I love Dove Vivi but I couldn't help saying it again. I am going to celebrate my bday there this weekend! Yeah!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

when are we going? hmm?
are you back?
will the questions ever stop?