Saturday, January 19, 2008

another ice cream rave....

UPDATE: Trader Joe's now sells this as their own brand, still the same ice cream, but cuter packaging..

i don't think i've talked about this ice cream yet. i'm starting to lose track of what ice cream i have blogged about and, of course, i'm too lazy to look it up.
This here is the Double Rainbow Very Cherry Chip that seems to only be sold at Trader Joe's in these here parts. I think it's $3 something? all's i know is that it's cheap in comparison with the pints you can buy (this is the bigger "pint"...a quart, right?).
so this stuff reminds me of when my dad and i used to drive near our house to a drive-through Farm Store (pretty much a convenient store that has their own brand of ice cream) and he would buy the Cherry Vanilla 1/2 gallon. But this here stuff has chocolate bits in it, which makes it even better. also there's no animal products in it, so less guilt for me (the dairy industry is a bitch, in case you didn't know. Read Meat Market or The Food Revolution to find out what i'm talking about) so i can truely enjoy the ice cream. the ice cream itself is of the most love-a-lee consistency. almost chewy. which sounds gross, i know, but you'll have to try it to know what i'm talking about. then there's the dark cherry halves that are delicious and makes you eat more ice cream than you intended (because i don't scoop out into a dish, i eat out of the container, b/c heck, i live alone, i can drink straight out of a carton if i want to...and the less dishes the better) because you're digging around trying to find more cherry halves...
go get you some!

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Vegyogini said...

That's one of my very favorite soy ice cream flavors. It's just perfect!