Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's not just for omnivores and lazy vegetarians anymore!
Trader Joe's has started selling 2 flavors of vegan jello. My friend Anna Corbett informed me a couple weeks ago of this news and i think she more excited than i was or am. She was using expletives and many exclamation marks. What's strange was that i had *just* been dreaming about jello. Not literally. I had seen a commercial for Jello on tv and i was jealous of those people eating cool, wiggly boiled-horsehoove gelatin. 

Trader Joe's sells it in Black Cherry or Peach Mango flavors, both of which are delicious. I don't think i have a favorite, they both have their place in my world. I also found out that Food Fight! just started selling it. They sell it in an additional flavor, Orange, which doesn't really speak to me so i probably will never try it. They sell it individually for $0.83 (i think that's what i was charged, i think the tag said $0.85...i don't ask questions, i just hand over the money...) instead of the 4 packs at TJ's. 

This is the firmest vegan jello i've had. I have had vegan jello before at places like Todai Japanese sushi buffet. The Japanese use agar to make a jello type product. This jello product uses no agar, to my surprise. Only carrageenan, which will freak some people out. I've been told it's used to de-ice roads for airplanes. But you know what i gotta say to that? Salt is used too! Am i wrong? Should i be scared? Does someone know something i don't? I have heard people say they only drink soymilks without the stuff. Have you ever looked at soymilk labels? Almost all of them use carrageenan. 

Everything in moderation, right? Right?? Tell me i'm right...

Edited to say: I did know that carrageenan is derived from seaweed (thanks though, jeff!)


Veganism is for Lovers said...

That's awesome about the jello. Also-carageenan is kind of scary, I read about it a while ago. I think it was linked to stomach inflammation and heated at high temperatures it releases poligeenan which is no good at all. I just don't use soymilk with carageenan when I make hot chocolate.

Jeff said...

Carageenan is derived from seaweed.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

karly this is a cute post!