Sunday, March 15, 2009

Question Me

I read(look at?) a lot of food blogs. A lot. When hanging out with my vegan friends, this is not a weird thing, but my other friends (most are vegetarian, some omni) don't really look at blogs. There's some exceptions, like my sister. I'm not sure if it's just my friends or if it's because all my vegan friends are obsessed with food and therefore love looking at food porn from other vegans. So today i was wanting to post about something and i couldn't really think of much. I have thought of doing a post about GoodBelly, a newish probiotic product in the stores around here, but i am ready for it yet.

So i was reading Allularpunk's blog, Awesome. Vegan. Rad., and she had a post where she answered someone's questions. So i decided to steal them and answer them myself.

1. What is a food you disliked before going vegan, but now enjoy?
Hmm...this is tough because i don't remember starting to like something since going vegan. Soy yogurt, perhaps? yeah, no....i still dislike celery and cilantro. I think i do like quinoa a little more. 

2. If you could convince one person to go vegan, who would it be, and why?
My Mom, so that she might make me stuff and not complain about my way of eating.

3. What is the kitchen appliance you can't live without?
toaster oven, those things are so great.

4. What is your favorite veg restaurant you have eaten at (or your fave restaurant in general)?
I am really looking forward to going to Portobello again. I've only gone once. If they every make tortellini i will shit twice and die. Happy.

5. Do you face any dilemmas/struggles as a vegan?
Occasionally, when i'm not in Portland. Actually, not true. Sometimes when i'm at a restaurant that's got some veg options, but most of the staff/owners don't know what vegan really means, i have the dilemma of asking what the exact ingredients are. Usually, i just play the ignorant vegan and don't ask. I'll still ask the server if something's vegan, but a lot of people who aren't vegan don't know of the items to look for: casein, whey (seriously, i know someone who was like, what's whey? it's from dairy?), lactose, vitamin D3. 

Does anyone have any questions they want to ask? Contact me, i love survey shit.


Veganism is for Lovers said...

The part about asking a server if something is vegan or not is so right on. It always feels so awkward, I feel like I'm being snooty and they often don't understand what is vegan or not, like you say. I hope one day everyone is educated about what they eat...

Tofuligans said...

The immersion blender is the greatest kitchen invention ever.

Question: Do you find it more enjoyable to use a fork or a spoon to eat your delicious vegan food?

Anonymous said...

Great answers! Those were my questions I had asked over at Awesome. Vegan. Rad.

I have to agree, Portobello is a favorite restaurant of mine too. Which reminds me, I need to go back there soon! Desserts in jars are hard to pass up!

K.E.N. said...

@Tofuligans- i'm glad to see you around on the internet again, you were off for awhile, right? not that i don't enjoy looking at that adorable picture of your cat, but are you going to be posting again soon?
Answer: if spork is an option, i would choose that. if not, fork.

@tahinitoo- i heard from GetSconed! that they no longer serve the tiramisu in mason jars or whatever they were, it's now a square of it on a plate. i guess we'll just have to continue going to Bye & Bye to get our jar fix.

allularpunk said...

great answers! i was going to send you some new questions today, but ya beat me to it! i went out of town the evening that i wrote that post and didn't get back until late last night... glad you answered those questions though! i've never been to portobello, but i have been fantasizing recently about an all vegan italian place, and want to go so bad!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I was going to see if anyone wanted to go to Portobello...maybe on Wednesday around 6? or Friday?