Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amy's Wraps

Picture taken from Ally

So I made a spontaneous buy when I was at New Seasons the other day. I was doing what you're not supposed to do, hungry whilst grocery shopping. Selected Amy's frozen wraps and burritos were on sale for 2/$5. I remember back in the day when Amy's pockets were priced under $2 and now you can't even find them on sale for that. At the time I worked at a small natural food store and the tofu pot pie pocket or tofu scramble was my back up lunch. The pot pie pocket is the tastiest pot pit I've ever had. (Whiffies is a close second.) 

Anyways, back to my review....The sale signs caught my eye and I saw the Indian Spinach Tofu Wrap. It didn't say "nondairy" on the front, which made me curious because what would be nondairy about that kind? So I looked on the ingredient list and it says in parenthesis "vegan" first thing. I brought it home and ate it right away. The filling is almost 100% spinach, which is fine by me. Some tofu chunks are thrown in for a protein kick. I microwaved it and next time would probably do the microwave/toaster oven mix. I did have that unfortunate lukewarm center, though both ends were nicely hot. The flavor is really excellent in these! I think it I like it better than the pot pie. The spices are just so right on.

Nutrition facts: 310 calories, 14 g fat, 11g protein, 70% Vit A, 25% Vit C, 15% Calcium, 15% Iron. 

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