Thursday, October 22, 2009

You know you love Clueless!

But if you don't agree we might not be close friends. (ok, that's not true, two of my good friends, Corinn and Missy, aren't big fans....I find we don't have a lot of the same taste in movies)

Last night at Powell's downtown Alicia Silverstone showed up to speak about her new book, The Kind Diet. Around 5pm I had met up with Maeve, Jess and Maeve's friend Sarah at Blossoming Lotus. We were hoping we would run into Alicia there, as it's only a few blocks away from Powell's and it's an all vegan, very healthy restaurant, but alas, she didn't show. We ended up getting to the speaking area more than an hour early, but we hung out and chatted and before we knew it we were sitting in the front row listening to Alicia talk about her journey to a macrobiotic vegan diet. Prior to her appearance we were all warned not to ask any questions about anything other than the book, no posed pictures with her and she wouldn't sign anything other than the book. I was disappointed, but I suppose it makes sense. 

Alicia had also gone to Portobello (the only all vegan fancy restaurant here in town, it's Italian) for dinner before the event and said she enjoyed it. 
She spoke for about 20 minutes or so and then had a question and answer segment, which I thought she did well on. Jess reminded me that she's probably getting the same questions repeatedly and has them down pat. There was one family (mom and dad -both in their late 40s or so- and a twentysomething son with his girlfriend) that was a self-proclaimed 'meat and taters' family and they asked her how do people like them start making the change. (I can't remembered exactly the question asked) I just thought it was amazing that they were open to it. I think of the meat and potatoes people I know, and I can't imagine. 

I was really glad I went and got to see Cher in person. (That's her character's name in Clueless for all you....clueless people. heh...see what I did there? Yeah...) She was funny and cute and wore shoes I didn't like. 

Maeve getting her book signed

Aww...Jess's classic hand to heart

I like Alicia's facial expression here.

What ruins these pictures: That ugly ass tablecloth and the dude who's watching over the book signing. 


Abigail S. Bean said...

Why does everyone conside Portobello the "only" upscale vegan restaurant? Blossoming Lotus Irvington is awesome.

K.E.N. said...

crap! i keep forgetting that one is there since i haven't gone yet or even seen it. i was unemployed and had heard it was pricey so i was waiting to go until i got more money.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! I love the expression Jess has in the first photo. And you are right, that dude in the background was such a doof. All those guys in their power stance acting tough made me angry. In the photo I have with Alicia, the one guy is nearly tapping his watch to rush me along. As if. Glad you enjoyed yourself too!!! I wish she had talked about how she keeps her hair so gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

I want to see the shoes!!