Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fundraiser meal- vegan style

A few months back I went to a fundraiser dinner cooked by Isa Chandra Moskowitz (of Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance) that raised money for....hmm....good question...i don't remember what it was for, but it was an all vegan meal that used seasonal produce and was 4 courses long!

ok, so i looked into it and found out it was a benefit for the Let Live Conference. Here was the menu:

Spicy Cream of Sweet Potato with Lime
A creamy puree of sweet potatoes and a little parsnip, with a kick of lime and chili

Jicama Salad in Citrus Vinaigrette
A Thai inspired salad of crisp, sweet jicama in a tangy vinaigrette of orange, lemon and grapefruit. Served with grilled and chilled asparagus and garnished with beansprouts, cilantro, roasted peanuts and avocado

Blackened Seitan With Corn Pudding And Chocolate Chili Mole
Cajun rubbed blackened homemade seitan and grilled zucchini over a sweet and savory creamy corn pudding, with a mild chocolate chili mole

Raspberry Brownie And Vanilla Ice Cream
A warm raspberry brownie with chocolate drizzle, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream

Homemade ginger lemonade will be served. Please bring your own beer and wine.

The jicama salad was off the chain deliciousness! I do remember that my salad was avocado-less and my dining companion let me have some of hers. I love me some avocado....

Everything was good, but i'm really looking forward even more to the next one that Isa's planning. It's on Friday, October 24th and there's a limit of 40 place settings so go PayPal it up before it gets sold out. The price is sliding scale, from $40-100. All proceeds are going to the House of Dreams, a no-kill kitty shelter that a friend of mine works at. I'm not a huge cat friend, but i know that if it were for dogs i would tell people to go whether they liked them or not. Plus i am selfish and do it for the food.

Here's what Isa concocted:

White Bean And Roasted Garlic
A puree of navy beans and sweet smoky roasted garlic with leeks and fresh herbs

Me: leeks?? i love leeks!

Golden Beet And Shallot
Warm roasted golden beets and baby greens in a creamy vinaigrette with caramelized shallots and a handful of toasted walnuts

Me: beets! shallots! oh my!

Autumn Plate
Cornbread and homemade sausage stuffed acorn squash, smoky grilled tempeh in a wild mushroom ragout served with garlicky purple kale

Me: smoky grilled tempeh w/mushroom ragout (whatever that is) with garlicky kale?? get in my belly now!

Caramelized Apples
Warm apples in a caramelized maple sauce, served with crisp gingerbread shortbread and topped with homemade coconut based vanilla bean ice cream

Me: OMG!

Housemade hot chai will be served. Please bring your own beer and wine.

Me: don't you worry, i will

Yeah, i'm totes excited!
For reals...


sharin said...

woo! thanks for posting about this AND for coming. i'm so excited!

allularpunk said...

i saw this and want to go SO BAD. too bad i live 3000 miles away.

Bex said...

ha! you don't have to know what the event was for. Isa's cooking, that's the important bit.

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

you are so cute. and my date!!