Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey, guys!
I forgot to write what i ate and now i can't remember. but for the most part it consisted of:
Yogurt muesli or english muffin toasted with pb & homemade-by-my-roommate j
snack of raw almonds, red hot blues tortilla chips and pretzels
mixed baby lettuce with sunflower seeds and Goddess dressing
Boca Melt without the Melt at East Burn- comes with carmelized onions and mushrooms
French Fries
Glazed Donut
Brussels Sprouts with Garlic from VWAV
Sauteed mushrooms, tofu, leeks and carrots with quinoa, Better Than Sour Cream and Srirachi
Today was:
Yogurt muesli
Nachos from Hungry Tiger Too
My roommate had the Portland Scramble and declared it the best scramble she's had out and about. And they have hash browns like Jam on Hawthorne, so that's a plus. I tasted the scramble and thought it good, but i thought the portion size of the scramble was quite small for $9. Seriously, i should have leftovers for that much....yeah, i'm having a serious issue with HT2's prices.....
dinner will probably be the leftovers of the veggie/tofu/quinoa from last night

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jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I'm hearing good things about their new scrambles!