Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 18

Day 18: Your Beliefs

I believe the rich need to be taxed more, or at least as much as everyone else (I recently heard that they pay 3% less than everyone else, perhaps that's only state by state? I don't know.)

I believe that gay couples should have the same rights as hetero ones and should be able to use the word "marriage."

I believe that factory farming should be illegal. Animals are not treated as they should be in a factory farming environment. It's disturbing. As a human being, you have the responsibility to know where your food is coming from and if you don't care how that meat you're eating was treated when it was alive, it's just sad. Americans eat way more meat than is necessary and healthy.

I believe that marijuana (and growing hemp!) should be legal.

I believe we should all have access to affordable health care and that health insurances should stop being such assholes about stuff. (see: Sicko)

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