Sunday, June 28, 2009


Picture stolen from Sip's Myspace

In front of People's Co-op in SE Portland you will find the cutest darn "food cart" you ever did see. It's an old, small Airstream and it's been around for about a year now serving all vegan, all delicious beverages. Most people are psyched about the vegan milkshakes, which come in many flavors such as Mocha, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Cookies-n-Cream. They disappear during the winter months unfortunately so take advantage when you can. Last summer I had the Cookies-n-Cream one and I look forward to trying out the others. 

If you're looking for something more on the healthy side you can choose from fresh juices and green smoothies. They also now have a parfait with locally made coconut yogurt, blueberry-almond granola, and local strawberries & blueberries. Yesterday I was [wo]manning the Herbivore booth at the Let Live animal rights conference and the nice Sip boy is here selling select menu items. Sadly, I missed out on the milkshakes, but I ended up getting the Greensicle green smoothie and it was delicious! It's a mix of kale, spinach, banana, vanilla, fresh orange juice, agave and ice. I think this is my first green smoothie and I think I'm kinda in love. It was a beautiful green color and it makes me feel like I'm being so good to my body. 

I'm always happy to have more vegan options near me. My (vegetarian) friend asked me, after I told her of the new vegan bbq food cart, if I thought that the all-vegan cart thing was going to get overdone. That befuddled me because if a vegan cart is good, it doesn't matter, people will eat there. Some people have closed minds about vegan food and won't even try it (my friend Kenny has a story about how a guy came into his work -Trader Joe's- and a guy picked up a bag of the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and then noticed it said "vegan" and was like ugh and then picked up a bag of the Chocolate Chip Cookies and Kenny then pointed out that in small print it states that those were vegan as well (if you didn't know, the difference is that there's nuts in the Vegan Chocolate Chip ones). The guy puts them back and leaves as Kenny calls after him that they're delicious and he should try them. They seriously are so good, they taste like Soft Batch, which were my favorite when I was young). But most people I know don't care, so long as it's good. Vegans are pretty insane about their food. They no longer take options for granted. You can eat just about anywhere as a vegetarian. Really. It's gotten to be very easy to be vegetarian. I think that's why I've taken to rolling my eyes at people that say it's too hard to give up meat. Those people don't want to, and they should just own up to it. Don't say it's hard, say you don't want to.


sarahrahh said... MUCH rather hear people say they simply dont want to, then that "its too hard"

MikeyLife said...

Yeah! Vegan food is good!

Kris said...

Mmmm... Sip. I've been doing green smoothies lately and you're right, you feel so good about drinking them.

Those soft-batchy cookies from TJs are TOO good. They are actually the Nature Bake cookies. I lurve them.