Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 12

Day 12: Bullet Your Whole Day

6:10am My alarm goes off, I snooze for another 15 minutes.

7:20am Arrive at work. Traffic wasn't too bad, yay.

10:30am-ish Had to kick out a disheveled man because he came in a second time without money. He tries to barter with stuff that he's brought with him. He claims his money was left in his other jacket. He's very homeless looking and incoherent (like he's on drugs, he is constantly shaking and moving around in an odd manner.). Last time he left a cell phone while he "went to go get money", this time he had a bike and a bright yellow Jeep stereo. I told him to not leave anything, but he left the stereo. I hate kicking out people, it makes me uncomfortable. But at least he had some food in his belly.

2:52pm Leave work for the drive home, sad because I should've left work right when I got off at 2:30 because carpool lane starts at 3pm and it gets busy even before then. So sleepy on drive home.

Hang out with dogs a bit, change the chicken's water and left them out of their chicken mansion for a bit to poke around, then try to sleep, but dogs are playing on my bed and being annoying. Finally get to sleep when my sister gets home...

8:59pm Wake up after 4 hours and hang out with sister for an hour before she goes to bed since she has an early morning.

Hang out with puppy Tilda and watch Pulling on Netflix Instant in my bed.

I'm not good at bullets since they're usually very nondescript and I can't tame my words sometimes...

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