Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 14

Day 14: Your earliest memory

I have a hard time knowing what is memory and what is from seeing pictures or dreaming stuff. I feel like I have a memory of knowing there was poop in my pants. Great early memory, right? There's a lovely half naked picture of me outside and my mom is hosing my lower half off. The question is: who took that picture?? Who thought that was a great time to photograph a moment?

I remember being at the beach eating a pb&j sandwich and seagull swooping down and taking it.

I remember David Higgins chasing me around the playground in kindergarten.

I remember pretending to cut my hair, or was it my dad's hair, and him getting mad and telling me to go to my room.

I remember running over my younger male cousin with his 4 wheeler. No harm done, by the way. What can I say, he told me to follow him and I was driving the 4 wheeler...

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Debra said...

I remember walking across the top of a wooden fence- falling down and having splinters all down my leg- ouch!
Blessings, Debra
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