Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: Write 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

1. David Higgins was the first boy who ever liked me. It was in kindergarten and he would chase me around the playground, which I didn't like.

2. Most people find my Mennonite background very interesting. Probably because they think of the horse and carriage kind.

3. I lived in Germany for a year und Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen.

4. I wasn't allowed to cut my hair because of my dad. I cut it within a week of my 18th birthday. It wasn't a good haircut, but my goodness it felt good!

5. My first piercing was an upper cartilage piercing when I was 19.

6. My first tattoo was when I was 26.

7. I was a fat baby with lots of dark hair.

8. I really wish I could draw or paint.

9. My favorite country that I traveled to is a 3 way tie: Scotland, Ireland, Italy.

10. My favorite food growing up was Chick-Fil-A nuggets.

11. We were a Pepsi family. But, ick, gross. I prefer Coke now, but I rarely drink it.

12. That's because one of my favorite things is Dr. Pepper. My one roommate and I bonded over our love of Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers.

13. My well drink of choice is currently: Greyhound

14. Favorite Show of All Time: Arrested Development. I watch this repeatedly. It never gets old.

15. My first crush was around age 16 (I was a late bloomer) and his name was Trent Sexton.

16. I played sports when I was younger. Lots of softball and a couple years of basketball. My basketball career was horrible, I made one basket.

17. I could not tell you how many, or all the names, of my first cousins on my Dad's side. He's got many siblings (I can never remember the official number...10?) and they sure can reproduce.

18. One of my favorite artists is Jen Corace.

19. Niff Nicholls is another favorite of mine. She's also my friend. <3

20. I almost moved to Philadelphia instead of Portland.

21. My only celebrity sighting (besides glimpses of Jerry Springer, who has a house in my hometown, and the girl who played Alex Mack, who was in my hometown promoting a film at a film fest) is Tom Green. He said "nice shirt" to me, I was wearing an old school NKOTB shirt. Weird times...

22. I have one sibliny. She's older and has taken very good care of me.

23. I've been auntie'd 4 times now. All dogs. I don't have favorites. Not because of my equal love for them, but for their equal 'meh' love for me. Though I have to say May and Tilda seem to be able to pull at my heart strings like Daisy and Mosie (both R.I.P.) never were able to. The faces, the cute pathetic faces...

24. I hate hoppy beer. Give me a fruity hefeweizen any day of the year!

25. Photobooth pictures are the best, aren't they?

26. I was in a 4 wheeler accident when I was about 14 or 15. It's the only time I've gone to a hospital-like place (I can't remember where I went, maybe an Urgent Care? I was in Ohio visiting my cousin.) I got 9 stitches and one funny looking (but very smooooth feeling) scar under my right knee.

27. I went to private school 4-8th grade. I believe that it made me a more introverted person because I went into a new school where I didn't know anyone and most of the 40 kids in my grade had been together since kindergarten. Then I chose to go back to public for high school and though I recognized some kids from my public elementary school, I hadn't seen them in 5 years and they had already formed cliques and knew each other well. I was lost in a sea of 250+ classmates (let alone a school of more than a 1000). It took me a long time to make friends.

28. I wish Junior Mints were vegan.

29. I love very old cathedrals.

30. I look like my dad, Elmer.

This was not easy. One tends to find most facts about themselves not very interesting.


Abby Bean said...

Alert! Around the holidays, Junior Mints comes out with an accidentally vegan version that has candy cane bits in it! They're really good, but they go fast.

P.S. I too love Dr. Pepper, but can't stand the LipSmackers

sgcorrie said...

It's totally not easy to come up with 30 facts! I'm one of those intrigued by the Mennonite background, but not because of the horse and buggy!

Karla said...

Abby Bean- i know! those are yum! technically (and sometimes I'm not a technical vegan...) they're not vegan because confectioner's glaze is made of bugs. there's also been rumor that the ingredient list forgot gelatin, but that'd be weird that it's not been corrected yet after all these years. Also the Deluxe ones (the one big junior mint, usually sold right next to registers at convenient stores) appear to be gelatin-less. Why can't the regular ones be gelatin free too??

Steffers- if you ever have any questions regarding the Mennonites, i would be happy to answer as best i can!