Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 3

Day 3: Your Views on Alcohol and Drugs

I drink at least a couple times a week and I have a really hard time dancing in public without it. I was raised in a conservative Christian home and I don't remember being told not to drink, it was just assumed (like smoking and premarital sex) that you don't do it. What I found out much later was that my Dad thinks it's okay to drink wine occasionally. Not beer, which is only drank so you can get drunk (what? you didn't know that?). I didn't drink at all until I was 21 (okay, once I took a sip of my friend's drink, which I thought was just soda and I was, like, dude, your soda's flat! Apparently that's what vodka can do to a soda...), I hung out with rule-following Christian kids, so I never was around any sort of peer pressure to drink. It was in college where I met Christians that drank and then when I went to Germany, where beer is king and almost everyone drinks. (Germany is also where I started to use "bad" words. It's not seen as a big deal.)

I wasn't around drugs at all until I went to Amsterdam when I was 23. Since then the only other drug I've been around was cocaine at a party of someone I used to work with. That drug kinda freaks me out. Oh, I mean the thought of it, I've never tried it! I've not even tried pot. I hate the smell of it and just haven't been very interested in trying it. I feel like I'll be one of those people that gets really paranoid. I do think marijuana should be legalized. If alcohol is legal, marijuana should be even more legal. Have you ever heard of an angry pothead? I can't imagine someone high beating their wife or child. (I could be naive, maybe that actually happens, but you sure don't hear about it.) I read Eric Schlosser's book Reefer Madness and it made me mad of how much money our gov't wastes on locking up people caught with some pot. Meth and the like that actually ruin a person's life, sure, keep it illegal. (And why is hemp illegal to grow in the States??? It is such a damn useful plant and people don't smoke it!)

Time for a nonrelevant picture:

These be my sister's chickens. They were suspicious of the snow, but eventually left their Chicken Mansion.

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